THU 18 May — 6.00 pm and 9.45 pm Konvikt/K3

choreography Ingeleiv Berstad, Ida Wigdel, Kristin Helgebostad

light design Elisabeth Nilsson
sound Per Platou
stage design and costumes Thale Kvam Olsen
dramaturgy Melanie Fieldseth
producer Gulli Sekse

performed by Ingeleiv Berstad, Ida Wigdel, Kristin Helgebostad

Noise is the vibrating energy. The uncontrollable, dissonant forces accumulating
in and around us. From expansive landscapes to the narrowest
corners of the mind.
Spoiler is the newest production of the Berstad/Helgebostad/Wigdel
trio. With unconditional intensity and bodily devotion the Norwegian
performers dedicate themselves to the night sides of human existence.
The deep “forest of sounds” and clusters of audible and inaudible impulses
disturb the audience, their senses and body.
The strength of their artistic relationship encourages their exploration
of a playful, intuitive way of working in which no idea is too hysterical,
vulgar, provocative or childish to investigate.

BERSTAD/HELGEBOSTAD/WIGDEL is a trio of independent Norwegian
choreographers and dancers with a strong artistic signature. The characteristics
of the trio’s work are visually strong concepts, playful and experimental
attitude towards dance and work with contrast between intense
outburst and withdrawal of energies.
Ingeleiv Berstad and Kristin Helgebostad have been working together
since their Master's studies of choreography at Oslo National Academy of
the Arts which they finished in summer of 2012. Ida Wigdel has worked
for example with Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt and Zero Visibility Corp. and
is one of the choreographers in and Haagenschmagen. They
have already presented their work in Olomouc with Jordjenta (Soil Girl)
in autumn 2015 within the Nordspiration project.