We continue to work, moving the ticket sales date, and closely watching developments...


The numbers of infected people and patients admitted to hospitals keep on dramatically growing, the government measures are getting stricter and restrictions are growing broader. It was to be expected. We have been preparing the autumn Flora from the end of March, but over the next three weeks we sense a lockdown is more likely than an easing of the measures. We are still busy, however, with the organization of the festival and keeping in touch with potential festival guests and audiences.

Ticket sales for the programme of the 24 Flora Theatre Festival have currently been postponed to Monday 2 November 2020.

photo Lukáš Horký

To all our dear colleagues from theatres, friends who run clubs, cafés or pubs and everybody else for whom it is impossible to adequately present their work in the online space:
We wish you all the best and steady nerves; we are thinking of you.

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