May 19th Fri, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM | Divadlo na cucky


    Barbara Herz DANCE OF THE DERVISHES Divadlo na cucky Olomouc

    A respected addictionologist Dušan was sentenced to six years for growing medical cannabis. Eva, 18, was told at the social service office that with regards to her origins she should “not expect too much from life”. A stage documentary production about the fine line between powerfulness and powerlessness. A grotesquely authentic report from prison. A mystic dance of the Dervishes directed by Barbara Herz. Discussion follows.

    Ticket price: 240 / 120 Kč
    screenplay and directed by Barbara Herz
    text dramaturgy Anna Hoprich
    dramaturgy Simona Petrů
    stage design Petra Vlachynská
    music Matouš Hekela
    cast Veronika Lazorčáková
    pre-premiere 20 a 21 April 2023 / premiere 18 May 2023 within the 26th Flora Theatre Festival


    Director, author and screenwriter Barbara Herz (1983) focuses on documentary theatre. She often uses the verbatim method, which allows her to bring recordings of powerful personal stories to the theatre. She studied literary comparative studies and theatre studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and directing at JAMU. The intersection between the theoretical, intellectual and artistic worlds is characteristic of her work. She incorporates scholarly texts into her multi-layered theatrical montages with elements of the grotesque.
    Her work reflects current phenomena, whether it is modern social myths (Jenom matky vědí, o čem ten život je / Only Mothers Know What Life Is All About; O bílých heterosexuálních mužích, co jedí maso / On White Heterosexual Men who Eat Meat), or gender topics (Dokonalost / Perfection), social themes (Neklid – divadelní reportáž podle záznamů z Bohnické léčebny / Restlessness  a theatrical reportage based on records from the Bohnice sanatorium) or environmental ones (Mezní stav o vymírání hmyzu a otravě krajiny / The Limit State about the extinction of insects and the poisoning of the landscape). 
    She has been approached for collaboration by HaDivadlo, A studio Rubín, Divadlo X10, Činoherní studio in Ústí nad Labem, National Moravian-Silesian Theatre Ostrava and National Theatre Brno. She founded and leads the Dok.trin association, experimenting with the verbatim method, which she combines with expressive forms of theatrical stylization.

    Divadlo na cucky is an open space for culture on Dolní náměstí in the centre of Olomouc. In addition to its own productions, the theatre also presents guest artists, creative workshops for all generations and promotes social dialogue through talks and lectures. The specific selection of production teams and personalities (such as Michal Hába, Patrik Lančarič, Šimon Spišák, Júlia Rázusová, Adam Svozil, Lucie Ferenzová, Tomáš Loužný, Barbara Herz, etc.) shapes the theatre's unique poetics, which tends towards experimentation and the search for new means of communication. The scene reflects current social issues such as nationalism, polarisation of society, the influence of social networks, feminism or environmental grief. The creation and direction of the theatre, together with its artistic director Silvia Vollmann, has been strongly shaped by the intendant Jan Žůrek, who was replaced as director by Alžběta Kvapilová in 2021. In addition to repertoire production and other activities, Divadlo na cucky organises the summer festival of new circus Cirkuzkus.

    Biography of the director (in Czech)
    Dervišové a rituální tanec (article in Czech)
    photo Zuzana Lazarová

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