Flora Theatre Festival is


— one of the most prestigious and most progressively developing events of its kind in the Czech Republic, which contextually maps the latest trends in contemporary theatre, artistically reflects social phenomena and initiates the creation of new productions

— a festival, whose programme is enormously popular with the audiences

— a traditional event with a strong and positive media response

— the only Czech festival which consistently combines performances of drama productions of renowned Central European repertoire theatres as well as independent theatre scenes with contemporary dance and performing arts productions, complemented by a rich off programme (discussions, workshops, seminars, lectures, concerts, screenings, exhibitions) 

— the largest presentation of live art in the Olomouc Region and the most important theatre festival in Moravia, which has broadened, in a unique way, the offerings of cultural productions for a very wide spectrum of residents of the university city in terms of age and social status as well as visitors to the larger region

— an activity which manages to closely connect the spectators with the performers through discussions, presentations, seminars and workshops and purposefully cultivates and educates thousands of people in the audience – including accredited university students actively participating in the Czech-Slovak educational programme FloraLab

— a platform original in its dramaturgical structure, well-respected by theatre makers – a place for interdisciplinary encounters with a unique and spontaneous atmosphere

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Programme sections of the 23. Flora Theatre Festival:



This pleasantly unpretentious event is more and more often considered the best theatre festival in the country due to its openness and spontaneity.
Jan H. Vitvar, weekly magazine Respekt
I consider Flora the most progressive festival in the country. (…) when you arrive there, you will not want to leave.
Lenka Dombrovská, Theatre Newspaper

Flora maintains a sharp upward tendency and each year I am surprised at how they can move even higher. Flora is a world-class festival.                              
Kamila Polívková, director and costume designer

There is no need to look all that far when looking for well-running examples of „good practice“.
Ján Balaj, curator of the international festival Divadelná Nitra, Slovakia
Flora Theatre Festival is the most amazing festival I know!
Stefanie Reinsperger, German-speaking Actress of 2015
Flora attempts to express clear views as to what contemporary progressive theatre is all about.
Ivan Buraj, Artistic Director of HaDivadlo, Brno

The city of Olomouc can be really proud of Flora. It is of course my honour to be the face of such a festival!
Stanislav Majer, Czech Actor of 2016
It’s amazing here! People don’t disperse after the productions, but go together to the next one – it’s like a rock’n’roll festival. Amazing, I love it here!
Franz Pätzold, Actor of the Year 2016,  laureate

I consider Flora Theatre Festival the most prestigious theatre festival in the Czech Republic.
Jan Horák, Artistic Director of Studio Hrdinů, Prague


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