It Won’t Be Like This Forever

“At a certain point during the rehearsal process, I asked Daniel to just jump all the movement material that we collected and copied from the internet. And this is how this dance originated,” shared choreograph Moritz Ostruschnjak at the discussion after the Tanzanweisungen (It won’t be like this forever) and uncovered their own creative method.
Canadian dancer Daniel Conant was captured performing the Bavarian folk dance Schuhplattler or ballet grand jeté by Lukáš Horký and Ondřej Hruška.

Energic solo – translated as dance instructions (It won’t be like this forever) – responds to the social distancing of the past two “pandemic” years. Ingenious fusion of miscellaneous dance styles was inspired in the presumable activities of dancers during the isolation – at home trainings in front of the mirror and watching the internet.