24 Flora Theatre Festival remains (so far) “alive”


The astronomical autumn starts today, and it is apparent that it will be different from what we were used to. Already in March earlier this year, we decided to move the spring Flora Theatre Festival to November. Thanks to the flexibility of our colleagues – theatre makers, partners, and the festival team – we are presenting you with its full programme exactly seven weeks before the planned beginning of the festival.

We prepared an event with a limited number of foreign guests, yet with a genre-varied programme of thematically related Czech and Slovak theatre and dance productions for the period between 10 to 16 November 2020. The German cultural scene (whose theatre section we have been closely following over the last few years) will be represented by creators from the experimental music scene. The week-long programme will include screening of German films (starring German theatre personages) and discussions as usual, but also an exhibition and a lecture focusing on the relationship between theatre and ecology. The entire festival will culminate with a trip to HaDivadlo theatre in Brno.

Those items of the programme that we managed to transfer from the original May festival dates to November will be supplemented with several new productions. Our “May festival guests”, who cannot come in November, are of course still invited to join us in spring 2021.

Our November event is organised as an independent PROLOGUE for the 24 annual, whose more extensive and international programme focus will hopefully follow in May 2021. We want to connect both parts into one compact dramaturgical unit with the original festival motto BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLD, which we decided to keep for obvious reasons.

The programme is ready, the ticket sales will be launched at the latest possible moment – on Monday 19 October. At this point, all the performers have decided to come even under the less comfortable circumstances and are open to improvisation. Flora is of course ready to adhere to the current epidemiologic measures, with limitations in terms of personal encounters as well as a rather modest atmosphere.

To keep up to date, please follow our social media and website from the beginning of October. We are not planning on a potential transfer of the festival to the online space, as it would not make much sense with regards to the nature of our event.

As of right now, we are looking forward to the festival (unostentatiously and with reserve) and will inform you of any necessary changes and alternatives as flexibly as possible.

Flora Theatre Festival 

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