25th Flora is over…

The international Flora Theatre festival culminated this weekend with a dance double bill comprising of a solo by Slovak dancer Eva Urbanová The Essence and the open-air version of the local dance production of the year Treatment of Remembering by the POCKetArt group. The 25th edition of the festival had a motto New World 2.022 and was organized in the May dates again after three years.
We would like to thank all participants, as well as audiences, guests and supporters who help make Flora what it really is – a meeting place.

You can see the communal mood of Treatment of Remembering with environmental topic here; it was attended by the Capuchin monks as audience members and organized in their monastic gardens (photo Lukáš Horký).

“I feel that out of the Czech festivals, Flora tries to achieve continuous connections and deeper dramaturgy the most. It is not a mere fair of projects which are currently in vogue or were awarded prizes,” comments Ivan Buraj, this year festival’s profile personality and artistic director of HaDivadlo Brno, on the festival dramaturgy which focused on the production of this theatre.

We hope that everyone had a chance to choose something from the great array of theatre productions, concerts, workshops or numbers of discussions. We are looking forward to seeing you next time – hopefully again in May, in peaceful times and earlier than in three years…