May 13th Fri, 9:45 PM – 10:45 PM | Konvikt – šapitó



    An original project by Sára Vondrášková whose unmistakable fragile voice cuts through the many layers of the analogue synthesizers.

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    The music of Sára Vondrášková aka Never Sol melts in ambient sound surfaces but cuts deep thanks to the distorted noise elements. A powerful relationship with song-writing, complicated chord sequences, synthesizers and a voice, these are the cornerstones of Never Sol’s work. Sometimes her compositions turn more to eerie Lynch territories, while at other times, her sound is reserved, gloomily calm and elegantly enchanting.

    Never Sol released two studio albums Chamaleo (2018) and Under Quiet (2013), which was also released in a world-wide reedition by the German experimental label Denovali Records.

    Never Sol tours with the electro-acoustic project by Tomáš Dvořák FLOEX (the concert is part of the Flora programme). She has also worked with Jan P. Muchow or the Elpida senior choir.  She also focuses on composing and sound design for contemporary dance performances (Miřenka Čechová, Spitfire Company, tYhle). She plays live with the dance solo of Markéta Vacovská Separated, which is also part of this year’s festival programme.


    photo Jiří Hroník and Filip Marek