May 21st Sat, 8:00 PM – 9:15 PM | Konvikt – Divadlo K3 + kostel Zvěstování Páně – zahrada


    Eva Urbanová THE ESSENCE |
    Sabina Bočková – Johana Pocková – Inga Zotova-Mikshina


    A creative, engaged solo awarded second place and the audience award at the prestigious Solo-Tanz-Theater festival 2021 in Stuttgart.

    Memento mori of contemporary civilisation on the verge of an ecological catastrophe. This appealing project with progressive choreography was awarded the best dance production of 2021 by the international jury as well as the audience at the Czech Dance Platform and shortlisted for the exclusive selection of the exclusive Aerowaves platform.
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    Eva Urbanová THE ESSENCE | K3 Theatre
    As Eva Urbanová herself says figuratively, her solo is made of sticky gelatine and pink roses and dark moments and ghostly faces and jumping… The sharp and straightforward essence of the dancer meets the warm blue-purple music of the composer Aid Kid.
    The Essence is at the same time a journey to the self, to the essence of dance and human existence as such. It is a creative and engaged solo by a young artist originally from Slovakia, in which she impressively demonstrates the maturity of her movement vocabulary, poetically linking the textual and the temporal level of the choreography.
    The production was awarded second place in the choreography category and also won the audience prize at the 2021 Solo-Tanz-Theater festival in Stuttgart.

    choreography, text and performing Eva Urbanová
    music Aid Kid  

    Eva Urbanová is a Slovak dancer, choreographer and teacher. As a child, she succeeded in top-level modern gymnastics (Slovakia’s champion in category B – cadettes), which eventually led her to dance, and as she claims, she found much more freedom in it than in sports. In her choreographies, she aims at studying and critiquing the mechanisms of the social system, empowering women and demonstrating the concept of dualism. She concentrates on developing her own distinctive dance style and movement language, taking inspiration from the contemporary Israeli dance scene and the field of physical theatre.
    She studied choreography at HAMU in Prague and at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. Choreographers such as Yukio Suzuki, Petra Fornayová and Jana Stárková invited her to perform in their projects. She created the choreography DANCE is not DEAD! (2019) for the Central European Dance Theatre in Budapest. Her performance The Essence was an extraordinary success last year at the prestigious Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart, where she received the second prize and the audience award. She has collaborated with the musician Aid Kid repeatedly – they have already worked together on the projects Ženy z hlíny (Women of Clay) and Suburbia.


    Sabina Bočková – Johana Pocková – Inga Zotova-Mikshina TREATMENT OF REMEMBERING 
    Church of the Annunciation (kostel Zvěstování Páně)  garden

    A delicate and expressive apocalyptic vision, the work is both a meditative social critique and a guide to shaping new world.
    Aerowaves platform, The Twenty 22
    „Imagine you are breathing.“
    In Treatment of Remembering, the poetic dance images of dystopian recollection of man‑exhausted nature which no longer exists are both a reminder and a signal to contemporary civilization on the verge of ecological catastrophe. They are a mutually shared procedure that allows the audience to remember their own experience of natural wonders and view the contrasting reality of where we are in relation to nature today. This production, which is compact in regard to all its means of expression, stands between contemporary dance and physical theatre, combining the exclusivity of movement and the sensitivity of sound design and original music with extreme lighting atmospheres to enhance the intensity of sensory perception and promote a constant vibration of origin and extinction.


    concept, choreography and directed by Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková, Inga Zotova-Mikshina
    music Lukáš Palán
    sound design Jakub Štourač
    stage design Denisa Švachová
    light design Michal Horáček
    dramaturgical consultation Petra Hauerová

    cast Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková, Inga Zotova-Mikshina / Barbora Rokoszová

    premiere 5 October 2020


    The artistic connection of Johana Pocková (1992), a graduate of the Duncan Centre in Prague and participant in dance internships in New York and Salzburg, and Sabina Bočková (1995), a dancer with classical training and former soloist of the Prague Chamber Ballet, is a breath of fresh air in the Czech dance environment, keeping up with the European elite. The authorial duo met in the laboratory of Miřenka Čechová & Tantehorse and their first collaboration resulted in the production !O! – Family Therapy (2018), which examined the issue of mental illness. Their own projects, both joint and solo, are presented under the banner of the POCKetART ensemble (the latest being To the Madonna with Rust by Johana Pocková). It was co-founded by Inga Zotova‑Mikshina, who studied dance in St. Petersburg and then at the Duncan Centre in Prague, where she now teaches. The artists are currently moving away from personal topics to focus on the socio-cultural phenomena of the present – such as media manipulation in The Lion’s Den and the irreversible environmental footprint of man in Treatment of Remembering. Their contribution and creative input have also been recognised by the international platform Aerowaves, which included both aforementioned productions in its prestigious annual “TOP20” selection of the best European dance works.


    photo Hubert Lankes, Günter Krämmer / Michal Hančovský