May 19th Fri, 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM | S-klub


    Tereza Lenerová THERE IS A SENSE OF BEING

    A dramaturgically and choreographically original take on evolution. A journey of the human being from beastly sounds to behaviour subordinate to social norms and constructs, from instinct to reason. “Human socialisation” through the eyes of a distinct representative of the local progressive dance scene.
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    There Is a Sense of Being is a very coherent and complete work, in which nothing is missing and nothing is superfluous. It is an aesthetically and precisely crafted piece […]. 
    Clara Zanga, Dance News, 21 December 2021
    The meaning of the individual scenes can be planted in one's imagination, but even the clues provided by the choreographer are refreshingly readable. The viewer moves through phases and situations that are not overloaded with content, not overwhelmed by an overload of impressions at once, with an appropriate reverberation of the intensity of each one of them. 
    Lucie Kocourková, Opera+, 27 December 2021


    author, concept and choreography Tereza Lenerová
    dramaturgy and concept Jan Horák
    visual concept Adam Vačkář
    music Natálie Pleváková
    light design Jan Hugo Hejzlar
    costumes Marjetka Kürner Kalous
    production Veronika Hladká
    coproduction Tanec Praha Z. Ú. / Ponec Theatre
    Edita Antalová, Jitka Čechová, Eva Rezová

    premiere 13 December 2021

    Warning: the production uses a strobe light.


    Tereza Lenerová Hradilková (1983), daughter of the hockey coach Slavomír Lener, started dancing as a child in the folklore group Valášek. She studied at the Duncan Centre conservatory in Prague and then at The Theaterschool in Amsterdam. Her first dance piece, the duet Variable, created and performed with Israeli performer Einat Ganz, was selected by Aerowaves and presented at the first  Spring Forward festival in 2011. For further experiments, she co-founded the creative space Truhlárna in Prague, where she also created her highly successful solo Swish, which was awarded by the international jury of the Czech Dance Platform 2017 and won numerous invitations to prestigious festivals abroad. Her other work Don't Stop also received a special mention from the jury at the Czech Dance Platform 2019 and is part of the Aerowaves Twenty21 selection. In September 2021 she premiered a performance dis pla y, which she co-created with dancer Jitka Čechová. She is currently developing a new dance piece Glove Concern based on the choreographer's family history and a short thriller by Jiří Havlíček.
    Tereza Lenerová also has experience with a different culture and mentality – in 1990 she left with her family for Canada, where her father Slavomír Lener worked as an assistant coach for the Calgary Flames:
    “In 1990 I went to Canada with my parents. There I had the opportunity to meet different kinds of dance; African, tap, modern, I started doing ballet and jazz. I got into the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Junior Company. It was actually an adult jazz company whose instructors taught in the junior studio. Because of that, we were immediately in contact with professionals. They choreographed with us, and we performed regularly in the theatre. It was there that I first started thinking about dance as my future profession. After returning to the Czech Republic, I was looking to build on what I had experienced in Canada and after two years of experience in the amateur company Antares, I joined Duncan.”
    (interview for Taneční zóna magazine)
    Interviews (in Czech) with Tereza Lenerová
    photo Adéla Vosičková / Adam Vačkář