May 16th Thu, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM | S-klub


    Anna Biczók DELICATE


    Three exceptional dancers from three different countries lead a “deft”, captivating trialogue on the topic of women’s status and freedom in different cultural and socio-historical contexts. – In an original choreography by Anna Biczók, nominated for the prestigious Rudolf Laban Award for the best Hungarian dance work of the last year.
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    Ticket price: 240 / 120 Kč

    What you see is an energetic, diverse, fabulous dance of three excellent dancers in a perfect choreography.
    Ditta Rudle, tanzschrift.at


    We often hear that dance is a universal language. But what does it really mean to communicate through movement? How much of our cultural and individual history remains when words fail and the body begins to speak? In her choreographic work, Anna Biczók focuses on the memory of the body, and that is what she explores in her delicate choreography DELICATE via three brilliant dancers, Adél Juhász, Karin Pauer and Sasha Portyannikova, using the diverse movement and experiential material of all three dancers to weave a compelling conversation about what it is like to be a woman in different European contexts.
    The dancers, who are of Hungarian, Russian and Austrian origin, and the Hungarian choreographer, who also has Russian roots, represent three nations with a deep cultural influence and a shared traumatic history. It would seem that – now that they are working on international projects in various countries of the globalised world – they have all freed themselves from their origins and no longer define themselves even based on their own artistic identity. But it is at this point that Anna Biczók’s choreographic exploration “goes deeper and deeper into the layers, from skin to bones to internal organs, from the individual to the universal, and during the very dynamic movement action on stage, these three dancers tell us without words what distinguishes them and what binds them together” (Orsolya Bálint at the Hungarian Rudolf Laban Award 2023 ceremony).


    artistic direction, choreography Anna Biczók

    music Rozi Mákó
    light Kata Dézsi
    costume Csenge Vass
    assistant to choreographer Virág Arany

    performance, choreography Adél Juhász, Karin Pauer, Sasha Portyannikova

    Supporters: National Cultural Fund Hungary, Ministry of Human Resources Hungary, Creative Crossroads – Life Long Burning, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Workshop Foundation, SÍN Culture Center.
    Special thanks Ármin Szabó-Székely, László Fülöp, Zsófia Tamara Vadas, Gáspár Téri.


    Anna Biczók (1982) is a dancer, choreographer and performer based in Vienna. She successfully graduated from the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2008 and since then has been an independent artist, combining her own choreographic work with collaborations with other personalities and companies, including HODWORKS, The Symptoms, big-Notwendigkeit, Timothy and the Things, Viktor Szeri, Claudia Bosse, etc. In her own choreographic work, she gravitates towards creating movement performances with autobiographical roots of the dancers, focusing on the search for physical forms for the non-physical areas of the inner world.
    In 2023, the choreographic work DELICATE was selected for the [8:tention] section of the international festival ImPulsTanz in Vienna, which showcases distinctive artistic works of emerging choreographers of the young generation. It was also included in the final selection of three productions nominated for the prestigious Hungarian Rudolf Laban Award for the best dance work of last year.


    photo Daniel Dömölky