Directed by: Jiří Havelka


Directed by: Jiří Havelka

The Flora Theatre Festival has focused on work of important Czech theatre directors already twice in the recent years. In 2012 it was Jan Mikulášek’s productions, last year Daniel Špinar’s. The following year, Mikulášek became the main director at the Divadlo Na zábradlí theatre and Špinar was appointed the artistic director of drama section at the National Theatre half a year after his retrospection at the Flora Theatre Festival…

The director of the 19th festival is Jiří Havelka one of the most frequent festival visitors who was actually more often presented as a performer in various productions by Vosto5 Theatre group.

The thirty-five years old Havelka is undoubtedly one of the most versatile personalities of the Czech “theatre world”. Director, actor (theatre as well as film), author, occasional host and musician, Head of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at the Theatre Academy of Music and Performing Arts and has worked at various Czech theatre stages in the recent years. The festival will present four of his productions, very different in genre, on the stage of the Moravian Theatre, S-Cube and K3 hall at Konvikt. The first production Havelka created with repertoire theatre (Divadlo Na zábradlí – Madness), second with ensemble of the alternative theatre Drak (George Mélièses’ Last Trick), third with students of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (11:55 – Regulation of Intimacy) and finally with dancers around VerTeDance group (Correction)

We hope that the playful and imaginative on-stage world of Jiří Havelka will meet with great enthusiasm among the festival spectators!



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